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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cycle 1 Post Viral Protocol- Back on the Fertilty Rollercoaster!

Well, here we are .  Our first cycle post viral protocol.  Tuesday I got the surge and used my HCG trigger shot.  The side effects of the trigger shot have my emotions kind of all over the place.  Of course I feel pregnant because I have HCG in my system and feeling pregnant makes me happy but I know it isn't real.  At least not yet.  This time my doc is doing something different then what we have done in the past.  This coming Tuesday I will give myself a booster trigger shot (which is 1/2 the dose of a full HCG shot)  I then have to wait 11 days and go in for blood work to see if I am pregnant. 

If I am pregnant I start the progesterone suppositories (ugh my fav- sarcastic tone) and of course my heparin injections twice daily.  If I'm not I will wait for cycle day 1 and repeat the process again.

Keeping our fingers crossed we caught the egg this month.  I am feeling positive and upbeat and know we can do this.

Our doctor says we have about 5 months until the viral protocol wears off so time is ticking but I'm trying not to focus on that timeline all too much.  We've been doing this for almost 6 years now and I've come to realize nothing is on MY time table.  I can take the steps to get there but ultimately it's up to God and the Universe to decide.  But still I have faith.  I know this is going to happen for us.  We've come so far and worked so hard.

For now I am focusing on my wonderful life with Kayla.  She makes me smile everyday and I know I am so blessed. I love being a mom.  More importantly.... I love being HER mom.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Viral Protocol Results and The Bee Sting!

On Monday, 6/27/11, my husband and I went to get the results of the Viral Protocol and the great news worked!! My numbers, that were elevated prior, all leveled out!!!  He even said we could try this cycle if we wanted.  I was instructed to get my bee sting ASAP so right after we left the doc's office I called the "Bee Guy."

Tuesday night my husband and I drove to Mesa to get my bee sting.  Kevin was very nice.  He kind of reminded me of Owen Wilson for some reason.  I guess I was kind of shocked when I saw him because I always envisioned going to this weird old shack covered in vine and sitting on some medical table with a jar of bees next to it but this experience was anything but that.  He welcomed us into his home and had me sit on the couch.  He went in his back yard, got a bee and came back holding it between his thumb and first finger.  I was shocked he was just going to do this in his front living room. 

He placed the bee on my right shoulder and let it sting me.  I took it like a champ!  Although it hurt really bad I sucked it up because hey, if this is what I have to do to carry a pregnancy to term I'm going to do it.  He pulled the bee off and left the stinger in for about 45 seconds.  The pain got worse and then finally subsided after about 2-3 minutes. 

The Bee

Placing the bee on my arm

Bee getting ready to sting me

The Stinger
 On the way home I felt awesome.  It was like my body had been "shocked" back into place.  I had this huge adrenaline rush going throughout my body.  I just felt balanced again.  Who knew that a bee sting could make you feel like that?  Is it weird that I feel sorry for the bee? He gave his life for me so that I may be able to give birth to a healthy baby.  Guess that is the emotional side of me coming through again.  I hate even killing an annoying cricket!