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Friday, May 10, 2013

Our sweet little Livie turned 1 year old last Monday!  Today she is 10 months (adjusted age).  It's hard to believe a year ago, around this time, we were visiting her in the NICU not knowing when she would be coming home.  Her weight at her 12 month check up was 13.4 pounds.  Not the greatest but we are hopeful her new GI meds are working and she will show some nice weight gain soon.  Her next GI appointment is next Wed the 15th.  I think she is over the formula now.  She LOVES Pedisure now so hopefully she will continue to to drink that up so we can had some pounds on her.  She had tubes put in her ears last Tuesday. We are already seeing a huge difference in her.  She's happier, more talkative, and last night she said the word "up!"  

We also have new ankle braces to help with her walking and have less than a week left with her Doc Band!  I will not miss that thing!  Earlier this week she had a sweat test to rule out CF (cystic fibrosis) and thankfully it was negative! Hoping age 1 is filled with fun, reaching new milestones, and fewer doctor's appointments and NO HOSPITAL STAYS.

                Livie's Sweat test for CF
 A sweat test is used to diagnose cystic fibrosis. During the test, medicine that causes sweating is applied with a gauze pad to either the arm or the thigh. A mild electrical current pushes the medicine into the skin to cause the child to sweat. The sweat is collected, and then the salt content of the sweat (sodium and/or chloride) is measured.

Birthday Girl!!