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Thursday, February 16, 2012

19 Weeks Tomorrow

I feel like it has taken forever to get to 19 weeks and July seems so far away.  I broke down and ordered a Doppler which arrived yesterday.  I was really scared to use it for the first time on my own but we found our little girl pretty easily and her heart was pumping nice and strong around 150 beats.  I promised myself I wouldn't go over board with using it but since it was right next to my bed this afternoon and I couldn't seem to take a nap I took it out again.  I started to freak out a bit because the Doppler was giving me a low read but I found her again nestled down towards my lower right hand side.  Still going strong in the 150 range.:)

I'm still feeling anxiety.  A couple of days ago a friend of mine asked if I had thought about a birth plan yet.  I've been so worried about getting through each day I didn't really think about it.  There are a few options so I'm not sure yet.  I have a lot of fear about the whole thing because I am on blood thinners.  I know the plan is to switch me to heparin towards the end and I'm sure if I am scheduled they will take me off them the day before but thinking about all of that is a bit overwhelming.

Tonight my hubby and I are attending a prenatal class at the hospital.  It's a 2nd Trimester class geared towards nutrition and warning signs of pre-term labor. 

I just wish I could stop my mind from racing.  So many worries run through my head all of the time.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Yesterday we went for our measurement ultrasound.  What an uncomfortable experience!  The whole going in with a full bladder was horrible but seeing our active little girl was AMAZING!  As the tech was taking measurements she described what we were seeing showing us our little girls fingers and toes and measuring her head and spine.  About 10 minutes into the session I started to get this horrible  pain in my upper back.  It soon became unbearable.  I think laying on my back with a full bladder and the tech pressing down on my stomach was getting to be too much. I found myself having a quick glimpse of what labor must be like.  I was breathing heavy trying to get through the pain and my husband was standing there trying to comfort me.  Hmm this will be pretty interesting when it is the real thing.  LOL  She let me empty my bladder and OMG the relief!  We finished the rest of the measurements and we were on our way.  We go for a follow up appt with our OB this Thursday to go over the scans but the tech everything looked good!

Here she is!  Baby Watson #2 due this July
Super excited we are having another girl.  They are so fun and I love all of the pink!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Finally I am able to get back on here.  For some reason my automatic log in disabled and I had to re-set my password.  Haven't written in a while.  Been kind of going through an emotional roller coaster lately.  Last week I was experiencing some pain "down there" and I was worried about the baby so I went in to see the nurse at my OB office. At the appointment I got to hear our baby's heartbeat again. It was in the mid 140's like the week prior. Nice and strong.  According to my NP the weight gain from the pregnancy is hitting a nerve causing my discomfort and that it is just something that happens in pregnancy and very normal.  I had this pain back in week 13 in which they checked for infection which came up negative. It went away but now that it is back it won't seem to leave.  She said it is probably going to get worse as the pregnancy progresses.  I told her I could handle it as long as it was normal but last night it was almost unbearable.  I was so uncomfortable.  I tried Tylenol, an ice pack, and a warm bath.  Eventually it got a little better but I am starting to wonder if this really is normal?  I mean I am almost 18 weeks.  Isn't it a little early for this type of pain? 

I, of course jumped on the Internet and freaked myself out.  I know I need to trust my docs and stay away from self diagnosis but part of me always wonders "what if we are missing something here?"  Other worries I am beginning to have are those of pre-term labor.  It said this doesn't occur until week 20 but I still worry about it.  As much as I didn't want the freak myself out I felt it was important to know the symptoms and signs so I read up on it. 

There was also some drama with my latest blood draw for Lovenox and the lab.  It's a lomg story but I ended up having to get my "timed" blood draw done 25 min late which I was told was okay. They had to make some adjustments to my meds so I go for another blood draw tomorrow to see if we are back within range with the changes made.

I have also been getting really bad acid reflux but that I can cope with.  Going through all of these changes with my body is challenging.  I have a brand new sense of respect for pregnant women.  On the outside they make it look so easy!  But wow!  One worry after another, one pain after another.  It sends me into panic mode a lot. (well that and I am totally paranoid!  LOL) Women are truly remarkable strong creatures!  It's amazing!

This morning I woke up and realized that amid all of my worrying and stressing I haven't been exercising.  I used to love exercising but have been afraid to since I found out I was pregnant.  (even though my docs say it is okay now).  So this morning I did a pregnancy yoga video hoping that would help with my discomforts as well.  I feel good!  I might try swimming later this week or go for a walk later today. I am really trying to take it easy but I know I need to get my blood flowing too.

Tomorrow we go for another ultrasound.  They will do measurements and be able to tell us the baby's gender.  I am really nervous for this appointment, as I am with all of the others.  I hope he/she is measuring perfectly with a nice strong heartbeat and that all looks great.  I wish we had a window in our bellies  so we could take a peek whenever we wanted to see what is going on in there.  Wouldn't that be nice? 

As I write this post I am starting to wonder if I should rename my blog and call it the PPWC!
The Paranoid Pregnant Woman Chronicles ha ha ha