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Thursday, April 4, 2013

11 Months Old, Easter 2013 and Kid Updates

 Livie is now 11 months old!  Only 1 more month left until the Big 1!  Kayla turns 4 next Friday.  The time is just flying by!

The girls in their Easter dresses

Kayla Update:
Kayla continues to do great in pre-school and received a glowing review from her teachers at the Parent/Teacher Conferences.  She knows all of her letters, numbers, shapes etc.  They joked saying she could run the classroom if she wanted to.  We have made the decision to move her to full day Pre-K next year instead of 1/2 day Pre-K.  She has expressed interest in dance lessons but we will likely hold off until the Fall so we can start swim lessons and continue with gymnastics.  
Almost 4 years old!

Livie Update:
After multiple ear infections and 3 different antibiotcs this time around her ear is finally looking better.  We will need to see ENT to see about getting tubes put in.  

According to the scales at the ped office she lost weight going from 14 pounds last Thursday to 13.6 today.  She is going to Phoenix Children's Hospital to see the GI Dr. this afternoon so we will see what their scales say.

11 months old now!  3/29/13
Doc Band appt went well.  Her head is growing and shaping nicely.  They said she is 1/2 way through treatment.  We can't wait to get the helmet off and be done with it for good.  Hoping GI can help with the weight and reflux issues.
the Easter Bunny dropped off a new wagon for the girls at Grandma and grandpa's house!  They were really excited!

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