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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ripley's Believe It Or Not African Fertility Statue Exhibit

So I was telling my friend how bummed I was that I am going to miss the Ripley's Believe It Or Not African Fertility Statue exhibit when I am in Canada by only 2 weeks.  She happened to be in Ocean City, Maryland last week and had a chance to touch them herself!  She told me to send her a picture of my hands and she would touch her cell phone with the statues.  I know pathetic on my part right?  But so thoughtful on hers.  So I did it.  She text me with a message saying "you have just virtually touched the statues."  LOL The things I will do to have a baby.  I swear. 

I would still like to see them in person but don't know where they will be going after the tour is over.  My hope is that they end up at the LA location so I can drive there from AZ when I go visit family and friends and stop by while I am in town.  Who knows if it really works but it is worth a shot right?  The other place I would love to visit is Kununurra, Australia where Nicole Kidman and 6 other women swam in the waterfalls and all ended up pregnant and carried to term. (Northern Western Australia)  I haven't been to Australia since I was in the 6th grade so it would be great to go back and see it now that I am old enough to really appreciate it. 

pic I sent to my friend so I could virtually touch the statues
Article about Nicole Kidman


  1. did you end pregnant after you touched virtually the statues?

  2. yes I did! I gave birth to our daughter Livie on April 29 2012 and my friend who touched them in person gave birth this past Jan! If you get the chance to see them touch them for sure!!


  3. Congratulation for your daughter!!!

    I can't go and touch them. I was wondering if "faxed handprints" could really work. :-)
    Have a good day and thanks.

  4. you never know? I wonder when it is touring again. Maybe it will be in a city where you know someone and they can do the same thing I did and have you touch it virtually through the phone! What city do you live in?