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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Talk With My Acupuncturist

Friday before we set out on our mini vacation to San Diego over 4th of July weekend I went in for my weekly acupuncture appointment.  I actually forgot my phone in the car which was a good thing because I was able to actually relax. I wasn't able to take pictures anyway this time because he put 2 needles in each arm.  As I was getting my new herbs and paying for my session he re-iterated not to get pregnant for a year.  Gosh that seems like a long time.  He said if I do I will lose the baby again because my body will not be ready.  I was about to ask the question that  had been on my mind all week but before I had a chance to he answered it for me. 

That question?  What are my chances that this is going to work?

He said my chances are very good and gave me a 70% chance of carrying to term with my own eggs if I follow his instructions and do exactly what he says.  That means taking my herbs religiously 3x a day everyday and attending weekly acupuncture appointments.  It also means eating shellfish, minimizing my caffeine, alcohol and spicy food intake.   While this is great news and a better prognosis than western medicine has given me of carrying to term with my own eggs he also said that this is my last chance.  If this doesn't work he will not be able to help me.  I left the office feeling very hopeful but also nervous.  Is this really my last chance?  I'm only 30 years old!  How could I be running out of time to carry a pregnancy successfully and give birth?

I hate that I'm only 30 years old but feel so much older than that due to my fertility issues.  It makes me feel ancient! Like I should have started trying for a baby earlier.  I started trying when I was 26!  I thought that was early enough.  I just wish I could be like every other 30 year old woman out there who wants to continue to grow her family.  Still I am holding on to that glimmer of hope I have inside me that this will work. Time to go take some more herbs! LOL 


  1. always thinking of you guys lisa. sounds like this doctor is very hopeful. best wishes.

  2. Thanks Lindsay. Noah is adorable! Congrats :)