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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Yesterday we went for our measurement ultrasound.  What an uncomfortable experience!  The whole going in with a full bladder was horrible but seeing our active little girl was AMAZING!  As the tech was taking measurements she described what we were seeing showing us our little girls fingers and toes and measuring her head and spine.  About 10 minutes into the session I started to get this horrible  pain in my upper back.  It soon became unbearable.  I think laying on my back with a full bladder and the tech pressing down on my stomach was getting to be too much. I found myself having a quick glimpse of what labor must be like.  I was breathing heavy trying to get through the pain and my husband was standing there trying to comfort me.  Hmm this will be pretty interesting when it is the real thing.  LOL  She let me empty my bladder and OMG the relief!  We finished the rest of the measurements and we were on our way.  We go for a follow up appt with our OB this Thursday to go over the scans but the tech everything looked good!

Here she is!  Baby Watson #2 due this July
Super excited we are having another girl.  They are so fun and I love all of the pink!


  1. Oh, congratulations on your baby girl! I just came across your blog and wanted to comment. My husband and I had to try a while for our son, so infertility is something that is close to my heart, and it makes me happy to hear success stories!

  2. OH girl, I am so so so so happy my friend. I am so thankful and blessed by you and your family! My heart is HUGE for you right now! I just am so VERY happy...words are not even adequate right now!!! I can't wait to keep following Baby Girl #2 and seeing sweet K as a big sis...and your growing belly bump!!!

  3. Thanks Everyone! We are really excited. I feel so much more connected to this pregnancy now that I know she is a girl. I can't wait to meet her and show her off to the world!