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Friday, July 6, 2012

2 months old, visiting IVF Phoenix and the 4th of July!


It's hard to believe Livie is 2 months old already and she isn't even due until next Tuesday July 10th!  She is eating up a storm and sleeping a lot.......during the day which means mommy and daddy aren't sleeping much at night.  We have our 2 month check up on Monday for her official weigh in but I did my own unofficial weigh in yesterday and came up with 6.5 pounds.  We shall see on Monday but had she gone full term she probably would have been a 6 pounder which is what I was when I was born.  Not looking forward to her getting her shots on Monday which is why I am making daddy come with us.LOL  It always breaks my heart when they have to get those but I know it is for their health.  In the mean time we will continue to work on our tummy time, increasing our feeds, and trying to get on some sort of schedule.


On Saturday we went and showed off our miracle to the amazing doctor that finally helped us carry to term.  We couldn't  have done it without Dr. Couvaras at IVF Phoenix.  He never gave up on us and kept searching for the reasons why we kept losing our babies around the 8th week of each pregnancy. I love him because he thinks "outside the box" to figure out why.  Other doctors would take one look at my history and say, "sorry it isn't possible.  Your best bet is IVF with Donor Egg." Finally, after 9 pregnancies and 8 losses, we brought our precious baby home. (no IVF and no donor eggs needed)

                                           Celebrating the 4th of July!
It was a fun filled 4th complete with swimming, BBQing, and fireworks.  Aunt and Uncles and cousins came to hang out and share in the celebration.

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