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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Developmental Pediatrician Appointment

Livie Update:
6/24/13 PPA Kidz Klinic

Went to her developmental pediatrician today.
We had good and bad news.

Let's get the bad news over with:
She has a wandering eye so we have to get back to the eye dr.  Maybe need a patch and drops. If that doesn't work she will need surgery.

She is almost 14 months old and the size of a 6 month old.  At this rate they said she may not even be 4'11.  They are going to re-evaulate her at 18 months old and see if we need to see an Endo Doc and put her on growth hormones (which I really don't want to do at all).

Good News
she is right on track her her adjusted age! (11 months old)
Looking really good and babbling a lot.
They want to start sleep training and let her CIO. ("cry it out"ugh that is going to be so hard)
They like that she is eating well but want us to go up to 12oz a day of Pediasure and gave me a list of high calorie foods.

So all and all it was a decent appointment.  

She is 25 inches long and weighs 15 pounds 4 oz

We go back again in October.

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