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Friday, June 21, 2013

Father's Day 2013 and Updates!

Father's Day 2013!

Wow- I guess I got behind in my posts!  Father's Day this year was mellow.  Both Kayla and I were getting over being sick but managed to go out for lunch and dinner with my husband to celebrate his day.

Kayla Update:
Miss Kayla has started the summer program and begins full day Pre-K in August! In the mean time she is busy with swim class and gymnastics.  We have recently ventured into the world of "no naps" and that has been pretty interesting to say the least but she is much more pleasant in the mornings.  She is growing up so fast!  I feel like she will be in high school soon even though we aren't even in grade school yet!  

Livie Update: 
We have 4 teeth now!  I was starting to wonder when they would show up since it had been 2 months since her first 2 appeared but they are popping out like crazy now.  Her reflux meds are working great and she loves to eat!  I think she is happy to be off the nasty Similac Alimentum formula.  We see her Developmental Pediatrician on Monday.  I'm excited to see what her weight is.  We also got our first haircut!!!
Watch out!  We have a climber!!!  She is also walking along the couch with help so I'm sure she will be walking soon!

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