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Thursday, April 26, 2012

28 weeks 3 days- Preterm Premature Rupture Membranes

Finally I got into my blog! I have had the hardest time accessing the account.  So I owe a huge update to everyone so here goes.

This may be TMI (just a warning)
Friday morning, April 20th, I woke up to a huge gush of fluid.  It felt like I peed in my pants. I looked down and there was blood everywhere.  I ran to the bathroom and had blood going down my legs.  My husband and I quickly grabbed our daughter and headed to Labor and Delivery.  There they immediately put me on the monitor and listened to baby.  She was doing well.  They gave me an ultrasound and checked my fluid.  It was very very low but the umbilical dopplers and blood flow looked good which was a relief.  My water bag had ruptured and the baby was breech. Our little girl was weighing 2 pounds 5 ounces according to the ultrasound.

Then the painful procedures started.  The IV was placed (which I am used to) but then they put a catheter in.  I have never cried so loud and hard in my life!  They wanted to monitor my urine output to make sure there wasn't protein to check for pre- eclampsia. Because I was bleeding so much they had no other choice but to use a catheter.  They then wheeled me to my own room and instructed me to stay on complete bed rest.

I was given my first round of steroid shots for our baby's lungs and IV fluid and antibiotics were given.  The first day and night was awful.  I felt anchored down on every aspect of my body.  My legs were hooked to compression socks, my arm had an IV, the catheter was in, the pulsometer on my finger, and the contraction and baby monitors tightly fitted around my waist.  I felt so claustrophobic and just stared out the window crying.  I already have anxiety issues and this situation has definitely made it worse.

So much has happened in the past  days which I will go back and write about later.  I'm just so tired right now and have to re-think the days but the bottom line is this.  I'm still pregnant and the goal is to keep it that way until 34 weeks. (we would be happy with 32 at this point though).  I'm on hospital bedrest until delivery.  Everyday is a new challenge filled with ups and downs.  I cry a lot and miss my family, fear for the safety of our little baby and pray we can hold off on delivery as long as possible.  I will have to have a C section due to her being breech.  Since there is little fluid she will be unable to turn for a vaginal delivery.  Today I am 29 weeks 2 days.  Everyday I stay pregnant is a blessing.

After many months of debating my husband and I finally decided on a name.

 Livie Marie

We feel it is fitting because it means Aliveness- the condition of living or state of being alive.

"where there is life, there is hope."


  1. Prayers for you and your little one.

  2. How scary! Prayers are with you! Hang in there.