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Friday, April 27, 2012

29 weeks 3 days- Day 7 on Hospital Bedrest

Today started out with an ultrasound to check the fluid. The docs haven't come in to talk to me yet but the nurse said it was a little lower than last week. Livie's heart rate was 165 this morning and she did great during monitoring.

Yesterday I had a ton of hospital staff come to visit me. They are concerned with my weight loss since I have was admitted last Friday so they had a dietitian come in. They arranged for me to receive replacement drinks and snacks between my meals but today nothing has showed up. I've called twice and I guess they forgot about me. I'm a little annoyed because it's not like I can get up and go to the kitchen myself and get something to eat. I loaded up on breakfast but by 10:30 I was hungry again. It's 12:20pm and I am still waiting for food. I need to have my husband bring in some snacks.

Today I'm feeling really lonely. Haven't had any visitors today and there isn't anyone to take me on my 30 min wheelchair ride :( I haven't been outside since Monday and that wasn't enjoyable because I received some bad news from work which I will not go into right now. I did get a nice call from my boss's sister who was on bedrest with triplets for 4 months and she had encouraging things to say. It really helped to talk to her since she has been in my shoes. Her triplets were born at 32 weeks and they will turn 8 in May.

Feeling frustrated today. It's hard watching the world go on outside your window when you are stuckin bed. I just want to go for a run outside and take my daughter to the park.

Once I have more to update I will write.

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