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Saturday, April 28, 2012

29 Weeks 4 Days -Day 8 on Hospital Bedrest

Today I'm having a good day.  I'm 29 weeks 4 days and had a great night sleep which I haven't had in forever.  I get a shower today and a ride down to the gift shop with my husband.  My goal today is to really push the fluids and eat a lot.  They want me to fatten up a bit since I lost 3-4 pounds since I was admitted last Friday. 

I had a total meltdown yesterday because it took the food service people 2 1/2 hours to get me my food.  It took me calling them in tears to get it up here.  I hate feeling so helpless.  Wish I could get up and go to the kitchen and get it myself! I was so frustrated because they expressed concerned about my weight but I couldn't get access to the food to gain it.  The supervisor came up with a huge basket of food to apologize.  They now are sending up a fruit plate with cheese everyday at 10am, an Ensure pudding at 2pm and an Ensure drink at 8pm to help me put on some pounds.
I'm excited my hubby brought in the lap top so I can skype and do my blogging.  The iPad makes it really hard to type.  I had a good day hanging out with our daughter last night.  We read books, watched her shows on Netflix, and we even put a castle tent up in my room with blankets so it feels more like home for her. 

I just got off the monitor and Livie is sounding great.  Nice strong heartbeat.  I've started putting the speaker from my bed remote for the TV up to my belly so she can listen to music.  She likes Country so she is already an AZ gal at heart.  That and the music channel here always seems to play Toby Keith so I don't really have much of a choice. 

I am finding that I need to keep small goals because if I look at the big picture I get overwhelmed and scared.  It's hard not to get intimidated.  I stare out the window and get so jealous of the people riding their bikes and walking their dogs.   Everytime that Disneyland commerical comes on with the "Good Life" song playing it makes me sad.  I would love to be on a Disney vacation right now. (sign- maybe next year)  I know after this experience I will never take those things for granted ever again.  I have a huge desire to go to the lake and go swimming right now.  Just to put my feet in the water would be refreshing.

It's amazing the little things you long for when they are taken away from you but I am so thankful for our little Livie.  Praying she says put with a healthy strong heartbeat as long as possible.

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  1. Hang in there! You are doing fantastic! I've been following your post on Babycenter and praying for you and your whole family. I am so glad you and the LO are doing good - Yay! Just keep destructing yourself with electronics and know there are people praying for you. Btw, my DH is also from AZ! Small world, huh? Well, take care and God bless! His love is sufficient!
    Emma and the fam