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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dear NICU mom.....

Great letter I found on Facebook by a blogger:  I can relate to her letter so much.  Thankfully Livie was born at 29 weeks 5 days and not as early as 23 weeks but it doesn't matter how early or late our babies were born.  Each NICU stay is a rough roller coaster ride full of triumphs and set backs and then once again triumphs.  I also had this vision of having a normal birth with the doctors placing her on my chest and me getting to snuggle up to her with tears of happiness in my eyes because after the long journey we endured, through all of our pregnancy losses, we had finally made it.  I thought I would get this huge belly and struggle to see my toes.  Have the usual complaints about swollen feet and wear cute maternity clothes. But instead our story ended up much differently.  Reading this letter brought back a lot of old feelings from our 6 week stay int he NICU.  I am so thankful Livie is healthy and happy and doing amazing.  I pray for all of those parents with babies in the NICU and know that I am truly blessed and lucky to have my miracle baby home with me where I can finally snuggle with her without wires or beeping machines or nurses looking over my shoulder.

Letter to a new NICU mom

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