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Friday, November 16, 2012

Our Stay At Phoenix Children's Hospital

I'm a little behind in reporting about our hospital stay at Phoenix Children's Hospital with Livie last month.  I will spare the details but we say some pretty scary things in her diaper, and after and x-ray to rule out NEC, we were sent to PCH for 24 hour observation.  Turns out she had C-Diff which was a result of an antibiotic for her ear infection.  What a scary 24 hours!  I had to save all of her diapers, they had to put an IV in her head, collect a urine sample with a catheter, and wake her up every 2 hours for vital checks.  We didn't get any sleep that night!  It really brought me back to our NICU and hospital bed rest days.  It felt awful to be in the at hospital room.  They are great over there but I never want to spend the night there again!

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