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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So my dad just called after Livie's PT session and said our physical therapist said 

we should talk to our pediatrician about Livie having dimples on her shoulders. 

Have you seen other babies with them? 

 I didn't think they were a big deal. Are they?  I read on Babycenter and like the explanation about shoulder dimples. 

"People like to say they are dimples left from when God took off their sweet little 

angel wings and sent them here to earth." I actually really believe that to be true. 

I have 8 baby angels up there looking down on us.

I'm kind of getting tired of people telling me what is wrong with my child. Telling me how to position her, feed her, etc. She may not be perfect but damn it! Leave the poor 
kid alone!! Argh!!!

 Between our ped doc, the NICU follow up nurse and my PT lady I am starting to 

go crazy. I know they are trying to help but it is getting really frustrating. I feel 

like I don't even get to enjoy her anymore because I'm so worried about the way 

I'm holding her or if she isn't on her belly enough etc etc etc. 

On another note Livie was diagnosed with Plagiocecphaly and will have to wear a 

helmet for about 2 months.  She is flat on the right ride of her head.  I'm okay 

with that part. I can see it is an issue right in front of my face but all of these 

other little things that I would have never noticed had some professional not 

pointed them out to me is driving me crazy. 

To me, my baby is perfect.  She is happy and healthy.  Yes she needs some work 

on her neck and yes her head needs rounding but I'm tired of people telling me 

she is rolling over the wrong way or not propping up on her elbows correctly.  

Argh I just want to scream sometimes!    

I feel like bursting into tears right now.  Everyone makes me feel like I created 

this imperfect little person and that I'm doing everything wrong.  I know that isn't 

the case. i am trying to be the best mom I can possibly be.  Sorry to vent to you.  

I don't feel like there are very many people I can talk to about this.  I am just 

happy she is finally here and healthy and that I finally did it.  I finally gave birth 

to a living baby.  I guess I'm just not used to all of this instruction.  With Kayla I 

was never judged or told I 

was doing this or that wrong. (other than from my mother-in-law but I would just 

ignore her)  

Sorry I am me being a downer.  I am truly happy and feel 

very blessed. It's just that as soon as I think we have passed one

challenge another one arises.  We will get through this like we always do.  Just 

kind of ready for things to slow down for a while.


  1. You are doing a great job! Just having two kids is so tough and you are juggling so much more with all of the appointments, etc. And...both of your girls are perfect just the way they are! Aren't we all just perfectly imperfect? :)

  2. Thanks Krista. I tried replying earlier from my phone but it different go through. I like what you said. "aren't we all perfectly imperfect." :)

    We had Livie's evaluation yesterday to see if she had any developmental delays and the provider said she looked great. That was a big relief. She say no reason for her to come back unless Livie isn't talking by a year and 1/2.

    Thanks again for your encouraging words. It means a lot