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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

9 Month Old Check Up and Seeing Old Familiar Faces

Livie's check up went really well!  The doctor was pleased with her weight gain over the weekend.  On Thursday (Jan 31st 2013) she was 12 pounds 11 oz and yesterday Monday (Feb 5th 2013) she was 13 pounds 2oz!  So despite the throwing up episodes the extra calories are working!  Tomorrow we have our Doc Band appointment to discuss the second helmet and do her DSI evaluation.  Our spirits are up since we finally got to 13 pounds!

Yesterday I went to see my SIL at the hospital  since she just gave birth to my new nephew a few days ago. I dropped Livie off at PT with my dad so I could head back to work but on my way out I ran into our social worker from when I was on hospital bed rest.  We had a quick chat.  I told her about how I ended up losing my job after Livie came home anyways but that things worked out and I found a new one.  It felt good to hear her tell me I looked great.  The last time she saw me I was frail, stressed, and pale.  It made me realize that I have come a long way in the past 9 months.

To top off my morning at the hospital I ran into my favorite nurse Kathy while I was on the maternity floor.  She was my life saver in the OR.  I remember crying hysterically saying, "I can't do this!" as I stood there staring at the incubator, trying to get onto the operating table.  She held me up both physically and emotionally.  Held my hand when they gave me my spinal block, and was there the entire time when Livie came into the world.  I gave her a big hug yesterday and was so happy to see her.  Of course I showed her pictures of Livie and she was thrilled to see them.  It's nurses like her that truly love their job and make a difference in people's lives.

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