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Monday, February 25, 2013

Doc Band Helmet #2

Doc Band Helmet #2. Decoration gets done March 8th.  We had a little set back this weekend.  My husband had to take Livie to Cranial Tech this morning. They had to make some major adjustments to her helmet due to excessive redness on her head. We kept it off all weekend to avoid further delays. Now
we have to do 3 hour checks and then then continue 23 hours a day if redness dissipates
fun fun :( 3 1/2 more months of this helmet. I will not be sad to see it go!  Let the countdown to Doc Band graduation begin!


  1. dear cagrlasu
    i read some part of your blog...
    i'm so happy for you to have to sweet kids...
    i have the same problem as you...i had 2 miscarriages and my doctor advice me to take LIT
    i want to know more about it...
    i live in iran and some doctors say that LIT is not reliable...but IVIG is so expensive...can you help me to choose a true path...
    best wishes

  2. Hi ZohreH-I am so sorry for your losses. We did do LIT but I still went on to have multiple losses after that so I'm not sure it did us any good but we had to at least give it a try. I have never done IVIG but I have heard it is very expensive. If LIT is cheaper I would give it a try. We also choose LIT over IVIG because we were using my husband's white blood cells and we knew it was safe to transmit his white blood cells to me since we were married and our doctor required blood tests to rule out any diseases. With IVIG I think they use of pool of people, who have also been tested, but we felt more comfortable knowing exactly where the treatment was coming from. Ultimately I think what helped us have a successful pregnancy was the IV Lipid treatment my doctor did 4 times in the first trimester.

    1. Dear Cagrlasu!
      thanks for your reply...
      My Doctor convinced me to use steroid drug to balance my immune system...i use them and i will try to get pregnant after my treatment...i try with steroid if it doesn't balance my immune system i'll use IVIG...
      Best wishes

  3. Zohreh- please keep me updated! I hope the steroid treatment works! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.<3