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Friday, February 1, 2013

9 Month Old- Good and Bad News

I woke up to Livie coughing which sounded like a barking seal. She was not a happy 

camper. I got her up and fed her. As soon as I went to burp her she puked up the entire 

bottle all over me. Ugh I hate that reflux!!!! They had me up her cal to 24 cal and she is still 

adjusting to it. This past weekend I was thrown up on twice and dealt with 2 blowouts. 

Needless to say I took her to the doctor today. She has the early stages of what they believe 

is Croup. Oxygen Saturation was at 100% Thank God. They told us to keep her away from 

small children for a few days since she is contagious. 

They want us to continue to try the 24 cal formula because they are concerned about her 

weight. She is only at 12 pounds 11 oz :(

Livie also is going to need to wear a Second Doc Band.

I'm so tired of that damn thing!

They said she isn't growing as fast as they anticipated know it's not the end of the world but 

I just feel like crying 

FEELING DOWN: I just feel so depressed right now. I'm doing the best I 

can but I really wish I could be home with her to feed her and take care of her the way I 

know I can in order for her to grow and thrive. I hate relying on other people to do this job 

for me. Guess it's just hard for me because Kayla was such an easy baby. I felt like the best 

mom ever. With Livie I feel like all of the doctors and therapists take the wind right out of 

our sails when we are excited about a new milestone. I feel like I am not doing anything 

right. :'( She is 9 months old actual and still only weighs 12 pounds 11 oz. Wearing 3-6 

month clothes.

On a positive note she learned to clap and is sitting up unsupported now so that is what I 

am trying to focus on for now.  I know a year from now it won't matter that she had to 

wear a second Doc band or that she weighed under 13 pounds.  She will be a vibrant fun 

loving toddler and this will all be a memory much like her NICU stay.  When you look back 

she has really come a long way since April 29th 2012! Love my two girls so much!

Livie 9 Months Old Actual

Showing off her mad clapping skills!  lol

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