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Monday, June 13, 2011

Week 6 of Viral Protocol

Last Day of Week 6-Viral Protocol

Guess it's been a while since I have written.  Just been doing the same old thing.  Taking the pills, doing the heparin injections, working out, trying to get sleep.  Today I go for my 4pm blood draw and then call the doc office to go over the results to see if the protocol is working.  After that I will know when I go for my bee stings and when we can officially start trying.  The full protocol is supposed to last 7 weeks so hopefully I can stop most of the meds soon.  I'm so tired of popping pills.  It's about 15 pills each morning and every night but once again, if it means I carry to term and give birth to a healthy baby then I am willing to go through it.  Wish I could see into the future.  Kind of over whelmed with work right now so I don't feel much like writing but hopefully I will have good news to write about next week. 

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