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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Baby Livie Update 5-14-12

Yesterday was a fantastic day!  The NICU called me and asked if I wanted to give Livie her first swaddle bath.  I was super excited!  It was so nice to do something for her other than the usual: take her temp, change her diaper, and wipe her eyes.  She slept through the whole thing and didn't get cranky until we took her out of the water and put her clean diaper on.  Since she is now at the 32 week mark (where I would have been in my pregnancy) they are going to start taking off the top of her incubator during the day to see how she tolerates more light exposure and the open environment.  This is one little step closer to being in an open air crib.  I can't wait for us to reach that milestone!

As of 5-14-12
Weight: 2 pounds 9 oz
Feed: 23ml

Livie's first swaddle bath!

cute little hat made by one of our nurse's moms

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