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Friday, June 25, 2010

More Acupuncture 6-25-10

Today was my weekly acupuncture appt. He checked my tongue and my pulse then had me lay down. This time he placed 2 needles in my stomach and then various needles in my feet and legs. He then attached a pulsing unit to each of the needles to help stimulate blood flow and strengthen my inner core. I laid there for about 40 min on my back. I was supposed to be relaxing but I found myself checking emails on my blackberry and texting my friends. It did make the time go by pretty fast but next week I think I will keep my phone in my car so I can really spend that time relaxing. See pictures below:

Again he gave me two new packs of herbs to take for the week. They all look the same to me but he insists they are different each week. He said they are going to help strengthen my ovaries and help delay the aging process. Um, I'm only 30 years old. I didn't know I had to worry about the aging process yet but apparently the ovaries are the first to go and since Western Medicine says I have pre-mature ovarian failure I guess it is good I am doing this now right? Dr. Yau has so much faith in his practice and so many success stories I feel like I have to believe him. Problem is, I have been here before. I have been so incredibly hopeful in the past that it makes the losses that much more devastating when they happen despite the hard work and discipline I have put myself through. I follow all of the rules, I never miss an appt or a pill, or a shot, and still it ends the same. (Sigh) What do I have to lose really though? I've already been through 7 losses so if I have another one I will at least know that I tried everything I could to carry a pregnancy to term with my own eggs. I have decided that I will give this one more shot and if it doesn't work I am moving on to IVF with Donor Eggs or another adoption.  So let the poking and prodding contintue.  This chick is not giving up yet!

Up close shot of stomach & left foot with needles and pulsing units 

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