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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grey's Anatomy Finale

Okay I'll admit it. When I saw the preview last week for the season finale of Grey's Anatomy and they showed Meredith finding out she was pregnant I thought to myself, "of course they are going to show this happily ever after story about her and Derek having a baby next season." I also figured this was how they were going to incorporate the actress's real life pregnancy into the series. They already touched on ectopic pregnancy with Christina back in season 1 so why would they do another miscarriage story?

How shocked was I when the finale ended with a moment that was all too real to me? In fact just 3 weeks ago the ending scene in Grey's Anatomy tonight happened to me in real life. I too picked up my digital test that read "Pregnant" and threw it into the trash after having another miscarriage. I really wasn't expecting that scene at all.

Although pregnancy loss and miscarriage is devastating it does bring some comfort to know that television is starting to incorporate it into story lines more and show the public that not everyone gets married, gets pregnant, and has a baby the first time around. I think it makes those of us that have gone through a loss or several feel less alone and isolated. The show Brothers & Sisters also touched on this back in 2007 right about the time I had miscarriage #3.

Bravo to the television writers for bringing this topic into the lime light.

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