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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Medicated Cycle


March: BFN (Big Fat Negative) Pregnancy test
April: BFN
May: BFN (which I found out on my EDD- estimated due date for the 3rd baby)

I usually would get pregnant in about 3 months so I started to think something was wrong. That is when the nurse asked me if I wanted to go ahead and do a medicated cycle to stimulate more eggs. I said sure. I thought I would take some clomid and that would be it but I was wrong.

They had me on all sorts of injections. Human Growth Hormones, Repronex, and Clomid. I don't remember all of the details of the things I did and when I did them but I do remember having to go in for a ton of ultrasounds to see how the eggs were developing. After my first ultrasound I had about 20 eggs that had developed. This concerned my RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) because I was only 28 and had produced a lot of eggs but he said that not all 20 of them would mature into eggs that could be fertilized. He sent me home and I continued my regime. The injections were awful. My husband would have to inject me twice a day in my lower back and sometimes I would have to do it to myself in the stomach at work. Once I hit a certain day they had me start taking Antigon to prevent me from releasing the eggs too early.
When all was said and done I had 2 options. Do the HCG trigger shot to release 2 eggs or wait one more day and release 6! 6 eggs scared us big time so we chose to trigger and release only the 2 and we were to do the deed once in the morning once at night and once the next morning. The 2 week wait (waiting to find out if you are pregnant) was awful. I was slightly hyper-stimulated so I was very bloated and uncomfortable. I couldn't wear jeans so I pretty much lived in sweats whenever I was home and drank a ton of Gatorade to help relieve the symptoms.I felt so pregnant. I had all of the symptoms, sore boobs, nausea, fatigue, etc. On top of that I was on progesterone suppositories too so I was irritable and sleepy. My poor husband. The day before I went in for my blood test to see if I was pregnant I all of sudden didn't feel pregnant anymore and knew immediately that the HCG trigger shot had worn off and it hadn't worked. Did the blood test which confirmed a BFN- BIG FAT NEGATIVE :(

I couldn't believe it. I had spent all of that money on those fertility drugs and the ultrasounds, gone through the painful bloating and everything and I got a BFN. It felt like I had just gone through another pregnancy loss. I was so disappointed. I thought for sure we would get at least one fertilized out of all of this. So I started to regret my decision to only release the 2 eggs; Would I have finally gotten a pregnancy to stick had I released 6? Who knows? It may have had the same outcome as all of the rest. But to this day I still wonder.

So June ended in a BFN.

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