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Thursday, March 5, 2009

My first visit with the RE and a false pregancy

So- after my first D&C and my 2nd miscarriage in 3 months I decided to see a specialist. He was great. The first thing he said to me was, "If you are anything like my other patients you wanted to be pregnant yesterday." He totally read my mind. We talked and discussed my history and made a plan of action. He determined, after blood tests, that I had a blood clotting disorder which was blocking oxygen from getting to the baby causing the blighted ovums. The next time I was pregnant I would be on baby aspirin and heparin injections to thin my blood and progesterone as a precaution.

My D&C was Jan 26th 2007 and I still hadn't been back "on track" (if I am being discreet about this). I was still having cramping and spotting and even worse incidents in which I thought I might have to go to the hospital (again, I am trying to spare the details). My new doc, the RE, had and HCG blood test drawn and it came back positive again. They had me go back again 2 days later and do tests and my numbers had doubled at that point it was a viable pregnancy according to the numbers. I was pregnant again!

He immediately started me on the injections and the progesterone and started to track my progress. I had to learn how to inject myself in the stomach twice a day with heparin and take progesterone 3 times a day which made me irritable and groggy and emotional. Just want my husband needed!

On April 13th (Friday the 13th no less) I began to have issues again. I thought, here I go again. I'm losing another baby. Blood tests confirmed that my HCG levels were at 0. The RE now believes it was left over products of conception from the D&C in Jan and was a false pregnancy. We will never know if that was in fact a true pregnancy or not.

After the false pregnancy I was back on track and things seemed to be going well. The RE had my husband and I do an immune therapy treatment just to make sure we didn't have any infections and then in June we were given the green light to try again this time under the care of a specialist.

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