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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Miscarriage #2

It took us 3 months to get pregnant the 2nd time. We were just moving into a new house that we had built and I didn't really think anything of it. I hadn't realized that Aunt Flow was late so it wasn't until we were all moved in and "kind of " settled that I took a test one morning before work. I had already started spotting that weekend so I figured it meant Aunt Flow was on her way. I was shocked when the test turned up postive yet again but of course I didn't get my hopes up because I was having the same issues as before. I went to work and called a new OB because I wasn't happy with the service I got at my old office. They had me come in right away to get checked out when I told them what was happening. The Nurse Practioner was great. She did an exam and explained that although there was a little spotting everything looked fine and that we would have to take my blood and monitor my *HCG levels.

*HCG levels are what they measure in your blood to tell if you are pregnant or not and if your pregnancy is progressing as it should be.

The NP told me that the chances of this pregnancy being another blighted ovum were like winning the lottery and not to worry. They took my blood and sent me on my way. Well- the numbers came back and they were low, but they wanted me to come in again in 2 days to have another blood draw. (Your numbers are supposed to double ever 2 days in the beginning if the pregnancy is continuing as it should).

My 2nd numbers were still a little low but they were almost doubling so they sent me for an ultrasound. At the ultrasound there was a sac but no baby again. I kept hearing, "it's still early" and I was measuring as I should be. I went in for an ultrasound every week and every week the sac would grow as it should but there was still no baby in there. The painful cramps and bleeding would come and go through the day and I knew I was losing this pregnancy too but the dr.'s just kept saying we needed to hold off until we knew for sure. The pain was unbearable. I would sit in the car on the way home from work and just cry and beg for the painful cramping to stop. I remember screaming- "If it is over then please just let it be over already!" Finally it was determined at my 4th ultrasound that I had another blighted ovum making this miscarriage #2. This time they had me go in for a *D&C. (surgery to remove the baby or remains of the sac to complete a miscarriage).

Going in the for D&C was heartbreaking. I went to the hospital and all I could think about was, "this is the hospital I was supposd to come out of holding a baby in my arms." This was the hospital that was going to make my dream of becoming a mom a reality. But instead, this was the hospital I was having what was left or my baby removed.

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