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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Anxiety and Morning Sickness 11-16-11

This morning I had the worst morning sickness. I just felt awful. I tried to eat my gummy vitamin and almost threw up.  I pray this is a good sign.  I finally was able to get some yogurt and cottage cheese down with some cantaloupe.  Waiting for the Lovenox shipment to arrive in the mail.  I'm almost out of heparin and it is supposed to be here before noon.  Yesterday I had to deal with the insurance company on coverage for the new meds.  I kind of went into panic mode for a little bit but I think we have it all straightened out.

I want this pregnancy to be successful so badly.  I pray to God and St. Gerard every day.  Anxiety creeps in when I think about the future.  I'm really trying to focus on being in the present but it's hard.  My mind likes to wander.

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