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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Written 11-10-11

I finally had a decent night sleep last night. Wasn't the best but much better than the nights prior. I should have just gone to AcuHealth in the first place. What a 180 from the day prior! I will always go with my gut from now on. When I got there to see Robert he had me lay on a massage chair, gave me a neck rub to loosen the tension, put the needles in, heat lamp on my feet, a cover for my eyes, and an ipod to listen to with music and guided meditation. Afterwards I was given another neck massage and tea. I can't wait to go back next week :):)

He said it was very egotistical of the other acupuncturist to make such statements based on the appearance of my tongue and it is very old school. Robert believes in working with Western Medicine and he has seen great results with the lipid treatment I did last Sat.

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