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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pregnancy Number 9 (written on 11/6/11)

Yep it's hard to believe that this is Pregnancy number 9 for me! I found out Thursday that my blood work came back at 967!!! I was on CD 31 that day. The very next day was hectic. I had to go in for a culture to make sure I didn't have any infections. Those tests still haven't come back but he decided to put me on antibiotics just in case because he feels that could be contributing to my losses. He then told me about this Lipid IV treatment he has been using with great success. When his patients have been unable to get pregnant he uses this treatment and within months they are pregnant. He has also been using this with his recurrent miscarriage patients and it has helped them carry to term. Of course I saif I was on board. We both agreed that this pregnancy we are pulling out all of the stops.

So I ran all over creation getting prescriptions filled. I picked up my IV bag full of Lipid for the treatment the next day. Saturday morning I woke up early to drop Kayla off at my parents since my husband had to work. I went back to the Fertility and Miscarriage Clinic and they set me up with the IV and I played with the iPad until the bag finished draining into my arm. It didn't hurt and I felt fine until......I went ot get my second round of HCG betas drawn. As they were drawing my blood I noticed it was coming out slow. (Dr. C was checking some other tests as well so I had to fill 6 vials this time) The phlebotomist must have picked a weak vein because I started to get very faint and dizzy. I was sweating, my ears felt plugged, and I was seeing stars. I told him right away and he took out the needle and had me rest a while. I am very surprised I didn't black out. I've only had that reaction once before back in 2003 when I was getting blood drawn on an empty stomach. What an awful feeling it was!

After I regained my barrings we finished filling up the vials and I was on my way back to my parent's house. I anxiously waited all day to hear what my second set of numbers were. I even called the office and left a message on the off chance someone happened to check it over the weekend. At 3:30pm doc called me and said things looked good. My number was 1987! (it more than doubled)

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